Distribution Center Design and Optimization

Commonwealth will help you design your distribution center processes and layout to optimize efficiency, space utilization and service.

The right distribution center for your growing business is only a phone call away.

Utilize your space wisely, maximize the efficiency of your people, and fulfill orders with speed and precision. The possibilities are endless and can quickly become overwhelming. We will guide and manage the process using our very experienced consultants.

We provide a detailed analysis of your business’s requirements and goals, saving you time and money. Whether you need to redesign an existing distribution center or start from scratch with a new distribution center design, we will provide you with the exact level of strategic guidance and tactical execution that your business requires.

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“Commonwealth has worked with us to help retailers with specific challenges such as distribution center design and validation of a WMS implementation plan.”

– Brian Cronenwett, Vice President Ace Hardware Corporation

We bring experience, knowledge, and independence to give you the best design for your operation.

Whether you need a system that supports current and future volumes, or one that drives service and volume targets, we advise you through the most difficult questions in the design process. We stay current with cutting edge technologies as well as base options that best fit your business’s needs and ROI.

For the past 11 years, Commonwealth has performed distribution center design and optimization for companies like Ace Hardware and Crate & Barrel.

We dig deep, formulating a comprehensive analysis of needs vs. costs in order to maximize efficiency, minimizing downtime, and meet budgets. Commonwealth has the experience and tools necessary to design the distribution center your business needs.

Comprehensive analysis and guidance throughout the design process
Decades of diverse experience in distribution center design and optimization
Maximize efficiency while minimizing costs
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“We’ve come to rely on Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors to provide expert advice on supply chain and operations issues for a number of our portfolio companies. Over the past four years, Commonwealth has supported us both in strategic ways as well as very tactically, providing onsite operational support when needed. “

– Stephen Richards, Castanea Partners


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The Value You Get

Commonwealth brings independence and works only for you in designing a distribution center based on your specific needs, budget and goals. We do not sell equipment or software, our only desire is to provide you with a design that delights you and your stakeholders.

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