Warehouse Automation Simulation

Discover how Commonwealth’s simulations can unlock your distribution center’s optimal performance.

Our simulation services allow you to see the design at work.

The synchronization of material handling system design, warehouse management software rules and human methods in the distribution center is what sets top-performing facilities apart from their average counterparts.

All too often, companies spend big budgets on designing a new distribution center or improving an existing one, only to discover costly inefficiencies after going live. Simulation provides a 360-degree view of how the various processes, systems, and equipment can best work together to drive greater levels of efficiency, accuracy and speed.

Whether it’s risk mitigation, unlocking higher levels of efficiency, or troubleshooting, simulation provides a cutting-edge view into the intricacies of the distribution center.

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“We’ve gone through a period of growth and Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors helped us manage some key strategic decisions about our supply chain. Their team analyzed our operations and evaluated several different scenarios for how we could grow the business. It was great to have such an expert and objective partner helping us make these key decisions!”

– Bob Vogt, Operations Executive Snap-On

In just a few weeks, your DC project can harness the power of simulation.

Material handling systems, manufacturing, transportation and distribution all benefit from our simulation services. We assist clients with facility/process design evaluation, facility visualization, capacity analysis, optimization, controls/system emulation, troubleshooting, capital project evaluation, and process re-engineering.

For over 10 years Commonwealth has helped companies like Gildan design and simulate distribution center automation. 

Commonwealth possesses the knowledge, experience, and impartial view to help choose the most appropriate tool for the job at hand. We maintain staff-wide expertise in AutoMod, SLX with Proof Animation, Extend, ProModel, and Commonwealth 3D Simulator, as well as other tools as needed including building customizable simulation tools.
Mitigate risk by validating a new design prior to full-scale implementation
Unlock higher levels of efficiency
Troubleshoot key factors contributing to underperformance in the distribution center

“Commonwealth helped us map out some strategies to achieve greater visibility and control of our inbound goods in transit. Their supply chain consulting team brought fresh ideas to the table for how to automate this area of our supply chain and they calculated the return on investment for each strategy.”

– Dan DeGross, Supply Chain Systems Liaison Crate & Barrel


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The Value You Get

A “one-size-fits-all” solution doesn’t work for most companies. You may need all the bells and whistles and you may not. We pride ourselves on our ability to guide you through an entire range of solutions and quickly cut through the clutter to find the right match.

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