Supply Chain Strategy

Align your supply chain with strategies for e-commerce, globalization, growth, mergers and acquisitions, or turnaround.

Optimize your geographic supply chain and evaluate outsourcing and third-party providers (3PLs).

Commonwealth customizes a service agreement to help you explore various aspects of potential future-state scenarios that may include some of the following:

  • Geographic evaluation, recommendations, and validation
  • Multi-site inventory management
  • Outsourcing vs. insourcing distribution including service levels and costs
  • Procurement strategies
  • Service level improvements for customers
  • Efficiency in operating costs
  • Scenarios to support future growth
  • SWOT Analysis of what you do best and what needs improvement
  • Transportation Optimization with an evaluation of current processes and technology
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Supply Chain Network Design

Where should my distribution center be located? How many locations are best? How can I meet service levels? We have the tools and experience to help!

Outsourcing Strategy

Are you thinking of outsourcing your distribution? What costs and benefits are associated with that decision? Let us help answer those questions and more!

3PL Selection

How can you find the best partner for your specific situation? Am I getting a fair deal? Commonwealth uses years of experience with potential choices to ensure a perfect fit!

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We are supply chain experts, we can help or we will point you in the right direction!


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The Value You Get

Commonwealth’s experience and independence will ensure your supply chain strategy is a key part of your business success. In two to three months, we will answer the strategic questions using key data to support our solutions.

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