Supply Chain Network Design

Commonwealth will produce results including the optimal number, size, location, and operating expense model for your operations.

Utilize your space wisely, maximize labor efficiency, and fulfill orders with speed and precision.

Whether you need to redesign an existing distribution center or start from scratch with a new distribution center design, Commonwealth will provide you with the exact level of strategic guidance and tactical execution that your business requires.

Commonwealth’s Distribution Center Design services will help you answer questions like these:

  • What size distribution center is required to support current and future volumes?
  • What is the appropriate design and specification for storage and handling technology?
  • Where will potential bottlenecks develop and how can they be addressed?
  • Will the solution will be flexible enough to support future change?
  • What is the return-on-investment (ROI)?
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“Commonwealth did an excellent job of analyzing a complicated set of transportation data and combining it with experienced opinions about distribution center design and inventory policy. We were able to confidently make the decision to consolidate thanks to the help that Commonwealth provided.”

– Ryan Murphy, VP of Operations The MAG Retail Group

We identify your optimal number of distribution centers including location, size, and inventory allocation based on cost and service level requirements.

We will customize our study to investigate possibilities of both constrained designs, which would retain one or more current sites, as well as unconstrained design which would take a “clean slate” approach and design the optimal supply chain network without regard for existing locations.

Our experience and software base to help companies like Wilcox & Flagel and Motorcycle Superstore to ensure success.

Our Network Design service can help you answer questions like:
How many distribution centers are required and where should they be?
How can the supply chain network change to improve service levels?
What impact will shifting networks have on service levels?
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“Their recommendations saved us over a million dollars in logistical and inventory costs, and I strongly endorse them to anybody serious about improving their supply chain efficiency.”

– Ron Huntington, Sr Direction-Operations Wilcox and Flegel


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The Value You Get

We are an objective, independent consulting firm that assists you with developing supply chain network strategy and obtaining enterprise-level goals such as supporting future growth, maintaining or improving customer service levels, and efficiency to avoid excessive costs to support growth.

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