3PL Selection

Providing you an independent, objective opinion to evaluate and select a successful 3PL partner.

Our consultants have years of experience in 3PL selection and contract negotiation.

Commonwealth quickly helps you identify a solid list of potential providers, select a partner, and develop a service-level agreement that will drive a win-win partnership with your new 3PL.

Some examples objectives that may be important to you in selecting 3PL partner(s):

  • Proficiency: Identify 3PL(s) that are proficient in the aspects of distribution which matter to your operation
  • Service level improvement: Improve customer service levels to your locations
  • Visibility and accountability of the 3PL: Ensure you have a strong ability to track metrics and have visibility into inventory and workflow at the 3PL site(s)
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“I was surprised that the execution matched the sales pitch. Often times there is some degree of drop off, but that wasn’t true in this engagement.”

– Peter Clark, Director of IS

Having the right 3PL partnership is an invaluable asset to any company.

Commonwealth is a completely independent consulting firm with no affiliations with 3PL providers.

Commonwealth’s real value to you include:

  • Knowledge of 3PL Providers-Library of nearly 100 3PLs
  • Tools and Templates-Efficient and detailed selection process
  • Bandwidth-Experienced consultants ready to go

Commonwealth will help your company find the right 3PL partner with a win-win service-level agreement.

For over 10 years, Commonwealth has been helping a multitude of companies find and select their best 3PL partner. We’ve worked with a wide range of company profiles, from small startups to large, well-known corporations.

Commonwealth’s Outsourcing Strategy services involves the following:

Identifying what your company’s supply chain needs are
Evaluating which 3PLs are the best fit for your needs
Analyzing and reviewing 3PL contracts
Recommending the best 3PL based on the detailed criteria
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The Value You Get

Our 3PL Selection services help you identify exactly what needs you have and what 3PL(s) will best meet those needs. Our experienced consultants will ensure that you are getting the most value from your 3PL.

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