WMS Assessment

Do you need WMS software or is your warehouse management software (WMS) meeting your current supply chain needs?

Commonwealth will help determine what functionality you need or should be getting out of your WMS.

We can help you identify and analyze what features and functionality you would like their (current or future) WMS to provide. Though upgrading a WMS is always an attractive option, it is not always cost-justified.

Commonwealth’s services can help your company answer the following:

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“Commonwealth had top experts on staff in all of these areas and they responded quickly and professionally whenever we needed them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Commonwealth to any company seeking to develop or execute a supply chain strategy.”

– Nicholas H. Freitag, Vice-President, Distribution, Gildan Activewear (Eden), Inc.

We can help you make an informed and objective decision on your WMS software.

We help you determine if they need a new WMS, and, if you do, to select and implement one effectively. We can start evaluating your operation today and have answers within weeks that are independent and provide the business case for the decision.

Over the past 11 years, we have helped companies like Gildan improve their distribution center’s efficiency and prepare for growth.

Commonwealth will do a discovery session, usually over several days and perform a SWOT analysis to ensure a deep understanding of your operation.

The strength of Commonwealth’s WMS practice:

Mix of in-house WMS and operational expertise
“Food Critic”/Analyst approach to the WMS industry
Breadth of experience with over 40 tier 1 and Tier 2 WMS systems
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“I was pleased with the expertise and communication. Expertise is always nice, but both ingredients are essential for a good experience. I won’t hesitate to use Commonwealth again”

– Peter Clark, Director of Information Systems


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The Value You Get

Commonwealth provides an independent opinion as to the best course of action your company should take concerning WMS systems meeting the future needs of your business. We do not sell WMS software nor are we biased towards any particular software.

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